The perfect grip especially in winter: pewag bluetrack duo perfekt makes it possible

pewag bluetrack duo perfekt was developed for steep terrain, snow and ice and thus offers perfect grip for winter conditions

Snow and ice are still one of the biggest obstacles when working in the forest. In extreme hillside locations forestry machines might lose grip, start to slide, and thereby go astray or get stuck. Additionally, snow often sticks between the wheel and the track and as a result the traction of the wheel to the track declines significantly.

Our pewag bluetrack duo perfekt is designed to guarantee optimal grip in steep terrain – even for snow and ice – and has a high cleaning effect while moving. Furthermore, the track offers improved traction between the track and the wheel which ensures additional security. The stability of the cross members makes the track suitable for very heavy machines as well.

In short: pewag bluetrack duo perfekt is a true specialist for winter conditions!

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