Safe grip in the forest with pewag forstgrip chains

Innovative grip elements enable highest possible traction for all application areas and undergrounds

When it comes to forestry applications, reliability and resistance are key factors to ensure safe and efficient working practices. pewag chains for forestry machines guarantee maximum grip in every application area, have a longer lifespan and a high capacity for self-cleaning. With our pewag forstgrip line professionals stay safe while working in the forest.

Our pewag forestry chains deliver 5 central advantages:

  • Improved grip and high stability due to innovative grip elements
  • Longer lifetime thanks to pewag TitanGrip® special steel
  • Perfect adaption possibilities through adjustment elements
  • Anti-twist protection prevents damages on the wheel
  • High self-cleaning power


pewag traction chains guarantee ideal grip and improved stability in different application areas. Each chain has individual grip elements which allow maximum traction on different undergrounds. Particularly the asymmetric spike arrangement patented by pewag offers a substantial advantage in rough terrain securing workers and machine.

The combination of high-quality materials and our unique production process make our pewag forstgrip chains stand out from the crowd. The especially developed pewag TitanGrip® steel and sophisticated hardening process guarantee a longer lifespan compared to conventional traction chains.

Adjustment elements enable easy and fast adaption of the pewag forstgrip chain to the wheel. All our traction chains are delivered with spare parts which enables forestry workers to repair the chain directly in the forest. Thereby, downtimes of the machine are prevented which saves time and money for the user.

Our innovative anti-twist protection mechanism keeps the chain – especially the upright links with the stubs – stable. Thus, the stubs are stabilized and do not cause any damage on the wheel. Moreover, the machine does not loose grip since the stubs grab into the subsoil. This anti-twist protection is a unique feature from pewag and distinguish our forstgrip traction chains from others.

Finally, our traction chains have a high capacity of self-cleaning. Our wide-meshed chains remove soil, mud and snow easily by moving the machine.

For more security in the forest – pewag forestry products!


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