pewag forestry tracks for every subsoil and usage condition

Safe grip and the highest possible level of soil protection for forestry applications

Professional forestry workers require safety and a strong grip on rough terrain. pewag offers a wide range of forestry tracks for different requirements and usage conditions. At this point the question arises: Which track is most suitable for which application and underground?

We have created a table with our 5 forestry tracks which supports you in selecting the right track. No matter if soft or hard ground, flat or steep terrain, snow and mud – we have the ideal solution for your forestry application:

pewag bluetrack perfekt is ideal for heavy-duty applications in rocky, steep terrain. The innovative pattern of the forged stubs in the pewag starwave® profile ensures even better grip.

pewag bluetrack duro is a universally applicable allround track for standard forestry requirements and may therefore be used on a wide range of different terrains. Thanks to the broad contact surface and rounded edges, it is also particularly gentle on the soil.

pewag bluetrack flow is the forestry track of choice for use on easy terrain and with sensitive subsoil. The track was designed for maximum protection of the tire and the soil, ensuring optimal grip at the same time. The broad contact surface prevents machines from sinking, particularly on soft terrain.

pewag bluetrack flow-perfekt is a combination track that unites the best traction and soil protection features in a single track. The track is a combination of bluetrack flow and bluetrack perfekt that adapts itself perfectly to the different working conditions in a forest environment. Thus, the track is usable for all undergrounds.

pewag bluetrack flow wide is particularly gentle on the soil and on the tires thanks to its wide contact surface. This track is usable especially for very sensitive subsoil since the broad contact surface prevents from sinking in even with heavy loads.


For more security in the forest – pewag forestry products!


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