bluetrack tuning: advancement of stubs and side support

New pewag scale stubs offer more aggressive grip and improved side support guarantees more protection and stability of the track on the wheel

Not only strong machines are crucial for successful forestry applications. Especially the accessory parts like forestry tracks provide strong support for forest operations. pewag concentrates on steady development of existing products and innovative new developments of its forestry portfolio. Thereby, the user benefits from reliable solutions for different applications and conditions to the highest quality and security standards.

bluetracks available with 2 different types of stubs

In addition to the starwave® stubs pewag has invented the so-called scale stubs which are from now on available for all forestry tracks besides to the starwave® stubs. These scale stubs are bigger and offer much better traction for extreme forestry application.

The starwave® stubs have been improved to be more robust and durable. The stubs have been enlarged and have a bigger wear volume which has positive impact on the lifetime of the track. Moreover, the new robot welding technique contributes to a longer lifespan of the track.

bluetracks with improved side support for more protection and grip on the wheel

By now all pewag bluetrack variants are equipped with improved side support and offer considerable advantages for the user:

  • Less wheel damages – the side support has special rounded corners which reduce damages on the wheels
  • More stability on the wheel – the new shape of the side wheel stabilizes the track on the wheel and prevents the track from slipping down

For more security in the forest – pewag forestry products!


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