Lifting from a distance - pewag’s intelligent crane hook

The digital revolution also includes the industry sector and makes it future-proof. Accuracy and quality increase with digitization, and automation saves time.

Digitization is also finding its way into pewag - an Austrian family-owned company known for its centuries-long history of tradition of quality.

pewag's crane hook to become intelligent

The latest development from pewag is a levo crane hook which can be controlled remotely.

The pewag crane hook not only moves heavy loads, it also measures and records important information such as load weight, temperature, and loading cycles. And it can do all this from a safe distance via a remote control.

Lifting from a distance

The levo crane hook can be controlled by remote control so that loads can be moved from a safe distance. This feature allows for a significant improvement in personnel safety and productivity. The intelligent crane hook is of particular interest for the concrete, steel and port industries.

"When we talk about digitization in the lifting equipment sector, the focus is always on the topic of safety. Regardless of whether you work manually or automatically, safety is the top priority for our products and product developments. Our specially developed software works reliably and without errors. We can rule out an unplanned opening of the hook, which could otherwise have serious consequences. The sensor system also detects a defective remote control or overload. In these cases it is not possible to open the hook."

Patrick Janisch, pewag Levo. Head of Department